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Sharing parenting responsibilities can be difficult when you and your co-parent aren't married. Fortunately, child custody or parenting time agreements are designed to help you find the solution that works best for your family. When you and your co-parent cannot agree on what is best for your child, you want an experienced attorney who can fight for you. To learn more about child custody laws in the Framingham, MA area, visit Fitzpatrick Family Law.

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Fitzpatrick Family Law handles all types of custody cases. Some of the child custody and visitation or parenting time issues we deal with...

  • Primary and joint custody arrangements
  • Out of state or long distance custody and visitation arrangements
  • Grandparent visitation rights
  • Third-party custody
  • Guardianship
  • Enforcement of orders
  • Modification of custody or visitation orders
Often, parents and other family members will go through a mediation process to reach an agreement that is fair to all parties and beneficial to the child. Mediation can help families stay out of court for the benefit of all.

Keep your family unit strong, whatever shape it takes. Work with an experienced child custody attorney in Framingham, Massachusetts.