How to Meet Your Child's Needs After Divorce

Sit down with a compassionate child support attorney in Framingham, MA

Child support is largely governed by statutory guidelines in Massachusetts. But the nuances of the law can be confusing. And the guidelines are not always appropriate for your family. It is vital that you work with the right child support attorney. Framingham, MA's premier family law firm, Fitzpatrick Family Law, has the experience to make this process as low-stress as possible and to find the outcome that is right for you and your family.

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Understanding child support guidelines in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law establishes general guidelines for child support. Attorney Shannon Fitzpatrick can explain the structure of these guidelines and how they apply to you. If your situation doesn't fit the standard guidelines, we can help you obtain support payments that fit your financial circumstances while still meeting your child's needs.

Fitzpatrick Family Law can explain and handle...

  • Child support litigation
  • Child support agreements and stipulations
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child support modifications
  • Child support negotiations and mediation
Work with a child support attorney who understands Massachusetts family law inside and out.