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File for an uncontested or a contested divorce

When it comes to legally dissolving your marriage in the Framingham, MA and Metro-Boston area, you have two options. You can file for an uncontested or a contested divorce.

Uncontested divorces can be achieved in any case where the parties are willing to cooperate. If you and your spouse are not able to make decisions about dividing marital property and marital debts or you have children, you'll need to work with a skilled divorce attorney from Fitzpatrick Family Law. Trust us to provide guidance and representation in all situations.

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Questions to consider during your divorce

To guide you through your divorce successfully, a divorce attorney has to ask a lot of questions. Fitzpatrick Family Law will help you understand...

  • Property division-how will marital property and debts will be distributed?
  • Alimony-what is the most fair and favorable outcome for spousal support based on your situation?
  • Child custody and parenting time-what type of custody, parenting and visitation arrangements work best for your child?
  • Grandparent custody or guardianship-what rights do grandparents have?
  • Child support-do the child support formulas set by the state meet your situation?
Your divorce doesn't need to be messy or confusing. A divorce attorney from Fitzpatrick Family Law of Framingham, MA will guide you through the entire process, step by step.