Have Your Circumstances Changed? Is Your Family Law Order or Agreement Outdated?

Understand divorce, alimony, custody, visitation and child support modifications in Framingham, MA and Metro Boston

Life is always changing, and court orders should evolve with your family's fluctuating goals and needs. Fitzpatrick Family Law handles modification of divorce judgments, spousal support or alimony orders and child support orders in the Boston metro and Framingham, MA area. Turn to us if your income, health or other circumstances have changed since your court order was put in place.

Have you recently moved to Massachusetts? We can guide you through the court order domestication process, which requests the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to acknowledge an order from your previous state.

The process for making child support modifications, divorce modifications or other changes can take time, so call us at 508-309-6979 as soon as possible.

child support modifications

Your needs may change, but we'll still be here for you

If your child's needs have changed over time, or you or your former spouse have changed jobs, remarried, relocated to another state or made other changes, Fitzpatrick Family Law can help you...

  • Adjust spousal support
  • Modify parenting time
  • Update visitation schedules
  • Change your child custody arrangement

Together we set realistic, achievable objectives for child and spousal support or alimony modifications. Many cases can be settled without going before a judge.